Congrats to Ondrej for taking down weekly Magic Fest Online!

Unfortunately, this will be our last update

We greatly appreciate all the support you've shown over the months. Sadly, with the rest of the season being cancelled, we've decided to put content creation on hold and look into other projects for the time being. There's a silver lining though, Ondrej got back into streaming. Huge thanks to all of you guys!

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We are a household in the heart of Prague, known for its deckbuilding prowess and ethusiasm for collecting PT trophies. It all started quietly, four friends with passion for cards moving together. But over time, the passion grew into a job, then the job transformed into a shared lifestyle. We play, we have fun, we explore the game daily and we are going to share the findings with you. We hope you will enjoy our articles about competitive play, deck analyses, sideboard guides, and other pieces of our Magic life and knowledge

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